Traveling Safe – An exclusive app for women traveling solo

Registration is not automatic. Once the application has been downloaded, two selfies will be requested to verify… that you are indeed a woman. Then, access to the platform is authorized 2 days later. NomadHer is an application reserved for women who wish to travel alone. The idea? It was Hyojeong Kim who got it. This young Korean student at Science Po Paris (who has traveled more than 42 countries solo), launched in January 2020 and her platform now has more than 10,000 users from 100 different countries. “If I could travel alone, you too can do it,” she says. By logging in, you will find travel stories, a directory of accommodation, restaurants and places where female travelers have felt particularly comfortable. The must? Subscribers can get in touch with each other by selecting their country and destination.

According to a TripAdvisor study published in 2015, 74% of women want to travel alone at least once (and are more likely than men to go solo) but 80% of them do not for reasons safety or fear of being alone. However, traveling alone does not necessarily mean loneliness and certain security concerns can be anticipated. So the idea is that. Travel alone, in safety, in an eco-responsible way (the application allows women to share a means of transport such as carpooling) while meeting other women, also on a solo trip and why not take part of the journey together. Events are also occasionally organized in prime destinations where locals invite you to discover their city. Before leaving on your trip, you will also be free to ask any questions you want and to find out about certain places and their safety.

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