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The flight attendant shares the most expensive thing a passenger has ever done in flight


See many flight attendants.

The cab members are there to ensure that customers are comfortable and safe when flying, but this often means that they are subject to many different personalities and behaviors.

Whatever passengers have incredible plane habits or those who use the eye hats to avoid baggage charges, they saw it all.

And now there are flight attendants and pilots having shared their "strange" experience while working in the sky.

On the social media site, Quora, one user posed the question: "As a flight attendant, what was the most expensive thing you saw at a passenger in flight?"

Many of them took the views section to reveal their answers, but one was particularly stuck.

Many cabin crew saw on flights

A flight survivor showed that he tried to "stay" a couple going into the club a mile high once.

Describing the scene, he explained that he noticed that a man goes into the toilet and did not lock it.

However, he did not think there was enough of it because it happened regularly.

Speaking about the incident, he explained: "(It) happens more often than not, I don't understand why about it!"

"However, not to think much of him, I go about my business and then I noticed a young woman who then walks towards the back and try to go into the same lav."

The cab cabinet then explained how he played.

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He said: "So I told her, 'I'm sorry, that person is occupied."

"She didn't want to go into the other lav directly across, but, when I turned my back, she tried again to go into the same lav again."

He continued: "As I saw his hand on the handle, I walked around and repeat." Again, I'm sorry, but the toilet is occupied. '

The flight attendant then reveals that the man came out of the toilet without flushing and went back to his seat, but the couple were not there.

A minute later the cabin crew member understands that the woman is no longer seated.

He said: "I finish up grabbing supplies and walk forward to the front, and noticed that the female was gone and the man was sitting alone in a row.

"As I put my supplies away in the forward galley, this dude comes up and goes into the first lav, which was also occupied! Oh boy, we go!"

He said: "So I go through the same thing until it comes up and then maybe two minutes later the woman from the back of the plane goes on the lav forward without rinsing.

"So clearly, taking two and two together – we know what they wanted to do."

Others showed how they once saw a man using a sanitary pad as a face mask, and others had to take up passengers doing yoga on the seats.

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