Travel Reef tDig: Friday, Bali-Bred - Surfline was born

Reef tDig: Friday, Bali-Bred – Surfline was born


If you want to be a surfer pro in Australia, the path is well worn. Boardriders, Regional Titles, State and Aussie may take several sponsors up. Then hit the Pro Junior series – and hopefully, by the time you are 17, you are surfing events QS events and well on your way.

Reef Doig's story is not this.

While most of the children were balancing the school with many trips up and down the coast to surf comps, Reef Doig, Cronulla's son charger, Geoff Doig – was doing donut circles around Kuta's very up, moped by enter bars and hanging pidgin spoken with the local Padma Boys. Beef grew up in Bali. Fantasy life for most of us – only one who had his negatives also for hellbent grommet on touring progress.

Perfect time for other surf

So despite the quality of the perfect waves on your doorstep, when Reef was 17 years old, he moved back to Australia to study and shoot at the Pro Junior series. He did well – even to win a few events – but he was worried about the level of competition and the fight for support. With a sponsorship deal coming and going, Reef was caught up in the confusion that affects so many young surfing talents: Keep it on, or find a real job. Obviously, as can be seen from the above editing, it is going.


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