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As part of School Diversity Week, sponsored by Facebook and endorsed by the UK Department of Education, children from five years old are taught to use appropriate pronouns for non-binary people, as well as defining the word “transgender”, writes the Daily Mail. Nevertheless, some parents and teachers accuse the campaign of “instilling controversial political views.”

Facebook was accused of “brainwashing“Children during their math lessons as part of the School Diversity Week campaign, approved by the UK Department of Education, according to the Daily Mail.

In particular, in the classroom, children from five to seven years old are told that “gender identity” does not always coincide with gender at birth, and they also explain that some people do not identify themselves as either male or female. In addition, through a campaign sponsored by Facebook, children are taught to use appropriate pronouns for non-binary people.

«Harley, (non-binary and gender-non-conforming the person using the pronouns they / them) volunteered to distribute water bottles to the marathon participants. They have 15 bottles of water, but there are 25 runners in total in the marathon. How many more bottles of water does Harley need to buy?“- reads one of the tasks.

At the same time, teachers are asked to explain that Harley does not feel like a boy or a girl and invite the children to discuss this among themselves.

Also, teachers are asked to convey the definition of the word “transgender” to children. “When a person is born, a gender is assigned to him. The gender assigned to the transgender does not correspond to his inner feelings“, – said in the tutorial to the lessons.

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According to the Daily Mail, the training materials were prepared by the charity Just Like Us, whose education director is Emma Fay, who calls herself “queer.” The Ministry of Education has publicly supported the campaign by encouraging schools to participate.

«We are proud to support the Just Like Us campaign“, – said in a statement published on the page of the British department on Twitter.

They admitted that they are proud to support the campaign, which has been joined by thousands of schools across the UK, and on Facebook, where they offer users of the social network to choose from 71 gender identities.

However, the Alliance for School Safety, whose representatives released the materials, considered the campaign “instilling controversial political views“. A group of parents and teachers addressed their concerns in a letter to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

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