TransFormar, the scholarship program that allows artists from San Juan to perfect themselves

TransFormar is the program launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of San Juan that allows young artists, between 16 and 25 years old, to access training and transportation scholarships to do so. The disciplines covered by TranFormar are: music, dance and visual arts.

Those interested can register from July 21 to August 21 through an online form. The training cycles start in September until December.

As for the requirements, they must register, previously having a digital photo of the front and back DNI, and a video of no more than two minutes in duration for the framed disciplines. The beneficiaries must already have experience in the artistic area in which they apply; they cannot be beginners since the scholarships are for improvement.

For more information, write to: [email protected]


1) For young residents in the departments: Angaco, Albardón, Pocito, Sarmiento, Ullum, Zonda, San Martín, Caucete, May 25 and July 9.

Said program will award transportation scholarships to Greater San Juan for two weekly transfers for four months. In addition, it will pay the monthly fee of the institutions in which the beneficiaries will develop their artistic professionalization task.

In this modality, the disciplines covered by the scholarship are the following: in music (singing, guitar and percussion), in dance (contemporary style – stylized folklore -malambo and flamenco), in visual arts (drawing, photography and painting).

It is worth mentioning that applicants must only enroll in one of the disciplines of music, dance or visual arts, not being able to participate in more. They will receive the transportation scholarship and the payment to the institution in which the Ministry of Tourism and Culture will insert them.

2) For young residents in the departments: Calingasta, Iglesia, Jáchal and Valle Fértil.

The teachers of the Music-Dance and Visual Arts areas, according to the proposal for each municipality, will carry out intensive seminars for those who are selected in this call in the department of residence. In this way they should not be transferred to other sites.

In this modality, the disciplines covered by the scholarship are the following:

Jáchal (contemporary and malambo)

Calingasta (theater and malambo)

Church (contemporary and singing)

Fertile Valley (theater and contemporary)


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