Tragic Encounter: Pet Dog Taken by Coyote in Milford, Massachusetts

[The Epoch Times, September 01, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Liu Jingye compiled and reported) In Milford, Massachusetts, a pet dog was taken away by a coyote (Coyote), which made the owner very sad.

The incident happened in the early morning of August 30. The chihuahua’s owner, Sharon Vater-Araya, told the media that the dog woke her up early Wednesday morning and told her to open the door to use the bathroom. However, the dog disappeared after running into the backyard.

Watt-Araja said she searched for the dog around the house with a light on, and she didn’t know the coyote had taken it until she saw blood in front of a wooded area.

“I am devastated and devastated,” she told the media. After the incident, she has been hesitant to let her other two dogs go outside.

Kevin Beaulieu, who lives nearby, said the coyote population appeared to be increasing in recent years. Residents’ security cameras routinely capture them.

The Milford Animal Control Department told the media that there are many coyotes in the local bushes, and residents must keep their dogs on a leash when walking their dogs. ◇

Editor in charge: Feng Wenluan

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