towards a greener Grande Boucle?


Published on : 12/09/2020 – 05:00

The 14th stage of the Tour de France connects this Saturday, September 12, Clermont to Lyon. The “capital of the Gauls” welcomes the race a few days after a remarkable outing by its new mayor, Grégory Doucet. The ecologist councilor in particular qualified the race as “polluting”. An old criticism, partly justified, even if the Grande Boucle has for several years started a “responsible” turn.

When it arrives in town, the peloton of the Grande Boucle takes on its luggage rack a real procession: team coaches, following cars, trucks: around 2000 vehicles, without counting the spectators or the caravan.

On arrival, the ecological bill is steep, it is undeniable, but probably less than before. Every year, small steps are taken. Thus, for this 107th edition, the organization of the race is using a hybrid. From the manager to the runners, invited for several years to throw away their waste (cans, cans, packaging, etc.) in planned areas, the Tour seems to want to take the wheel of societal changes: ” Intrinsically, our sport has to think about environmental issues “, Judge Guillaume Martin, the leader of the Cofidis team,” it is an ongoing process, which does not happen all at once, but the dynamics are good and it is perhaps a little easy to cast shame as on an event. It would be better to work with the organizers to help improve things », Continues the French in reference to the media release of the Mayor of Lyon.

Rethinking the caravan

In the sights of detractors of the Tour, the advertising caravan is a target of choice, polluting in two ways, with its line of vehicles and its millions of small gifts launched to the public. Here too, efforts are being made: some also use hybrid vehicles, single-use plastic packaging is eliminated and brands are adapting, like Senseo, which now distributes “goodies” made from materials. less polluting, like bamboo spoons. A necessary step forward: ” It’s a bit ambiguous, explains Leon, employed by the brand of coffee makers on this Tour. On the one hand, we have this environmental awareness that slows us down a bit when we throw the gifts, and on the other the public happy to receive them. We try to reconcile these two considerations as well as possible by making efforts to reduce our impact. », Concludes the young man, who discovers the Grande Boucle and its caravan. This may be just the beginning, but despite not being totally green jersey, the Tour of the 2020s does not forget that celebrating a territory also means respecting it …


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