Tourists outwitted overpriced car rentals. They travel in movers

Arizona, Florida, Hawaii. Three tourist destinations that welcomed almost 200 million tourists a year before the covid. They flew from both the United States and abroad, but in all cases they were used to traveling on the spot, whether from the airport to the hotel, to one of the Hawaiian Islands, between Florida beaches or in the Arizona interior.

Renting a car a day cost from 20 to 35 dollars, which is about 750 crowns. After a year with the pandemic, however, prices shot up to $ 722, ie up to 15,530 crowns, as in the March case of Hawaiian Maui. Currently, car rentals balance from $ 75 to $ 500. It is said that in larger cities it is difficult to find one with a price tag below $ 200 per day.

Tourists have matured into them and rent much cheaper moving or even trucks, such as those from the U-Haul company in Hawaii, which costs under $ 20 a day. For example, the locals are afraid that commercial vehicles will remain for their needs, such as real moving. But the company is said to be able to do that so far.

“The increase in demand relates primarily to our smaller cars. It is clear to us that this was due to the fact that tourists cannot secure a car from a rental company, or they realize that the options are much more affordable in our country, “Kaleo Alau, president of U-Haul, told CNN in an e-mail conversation.

The reason for the increase. Will Americans flock to Europe?

The reason for the price of car rentals is not the unprecedented influx of tourists, but the lack of cars. During the lockdown, demand fell by as much as 90 percent, so many companies went on the verge of bankruptcy and had to sell their cars by the hundreds or thousands. Today, therefore, even average demand is no longer enough, and this is screwing prices up. Plus, there is also an effort to heal at least a little after a lean year.

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Specifically, the Hawaiian economy is more than a fifth dependent on tourism revenue. This summer, however, fewer domestic tourists could arrive in the Pacific islands than usual.

Washington and Brussels are negotiating the opening of transatlantic routes due to the growing vaccinations of states. Since the last completely unlimited operation last March, it would take place after more than a year, and the airlines already offer connections even half as cheap.

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