tourists attacked by a herd of wild pigs, their dog devoured in front of them

The couple, who had spotted the presence of the animals at the start of the walk, had kept their two dogs on a leash. But when the pigs attacked, they freed their yorkie, which escaped, and their chihuahua, which did not have time to get away, was devoured before the eyes of its masters.

“Shocked” and injured after being jostled and dragged on the ground by the pigs, the couple contacted the firefighters who transferred them to a doctor on duty in Cargèse.

“An enormous risk of danger”

The two tourists testify in “Corse morning”. “We did not go looking for these animals, they are the ones who came” complains the Toulouse woman. “I’m afraid that other people will start to take this path with young children in turn. There is a huge risk of danger. They are voracious, it’s impressive! They wander, they do what they want. »

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