Tourism: they created the folding tent on the roof of the car


In the parking lot of the company Naït Up in Alès (Gard), Julien Facon, 36, and his partner, Alexia, learn about the rapid opening of the Hussarde, a folding tent installed in a car roof box . Two minutes later, the children, Mylla-Rosa and her younger brother Noah, jump like little devils on the mattress of this “cabin on the car”.

For their future nomadic vacations, this young couple from Nice paid 3,700 euros for this Family model which allows two adults and two young children to sleep. “Until then, when we went on vacation, we paid for a rental, it represented a real budget and sometimes everything is reserved. From now on, on the Landes road, we will be able, in the simplest way possible, to take a break on the motorway, ”explains Alexia.

“People express a need for freedom and nature. Today, we respond perfectly to the wishes of those who want to go on weekends or on vacation without planning too much and with great ease of use, explains Patrice Brochier, founder and co-manager of Naït Up, passionate about climbing and paraglider, who was looking to sleep as close as possible to his favorite spots. Obviously, he admits, the episode of containment due to the coronavirus has contributed to our commercial performance, even if the natural growth of our products has been significant for several years. “

Mostly made in France

“This tent on the roof is the freedom to stop wherever you want. You can land on the edge of the river or in the forest. And when the holidays are over, we remove the roof tent and put it back in a garage. We thought of a motorhome, but it’s impossible to park in a city like Nice, ”confirms Julien, the father of the family.

“We are targeting a double target, itinerant travelers and athletes, those who share our values ​​of a spirit of freedom and frugality”, specifies Thierry Villières, the co-manager. In 2020, Naït Up (15 employees) plans to double its turnover (1.5 million euros), i.e. the delivery of 700 Hussards on the roof.

Ultralight but robust, they also have the merit of being assembled in Alès from parts mostly made in France: canvas from Cabanon in Dunkirk, composite materials from Form’Ain near Oyonnax (Ain), fiber of flax from Dehondt Technologies in Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine (Seine-Maritime). Naït Up relies on recycled materials. “It is also this environmental commitment and the product made in France that seduced us when we bought the Hussarde in spring 2019,” recognizes Saïd, sales representative from Montpellier. Since then, it has been a real pleasure to travel with my wife and our grandson Isaac. We stop where we want in compliance with local regulations, most often by the river far from the crowds. “

Too bad for the incredulity, tinged with curiosity, of those around him. He fixed the Hussar on the roof of his C5 Aircross. The fuel expenditure is slightly higher (6.9 l against 6.2 l without the roof). For 2021, Naït Up is still forecasting very strong growth and new premises.

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