Tourism in Eure-et-Loir: “The 100 km rule has worked in our favor”, especially in Chartres and Dreux


In Chartres, Ile-de-France residents save the summer season

“The summer of 2020 was less difficult than expected,” notes Philippe Rossat, director of the Chartres Métropole tourist office. He nonetheless forgets the two black spots of the season: the absence of foreign tourists and the vertiginous fall of the professional clientele.

Mid-season tourist review: “Chartres is emerging as a destination for Parisians and Ile-de-France residents”

Usually, foreign tourists represent nearly a third of the clientele in Chartres in summer. “This year, we had 90% French. A few Europeans nevertheless came, mainly Germans, Dutch, Dutch-speaking Belgians and, also, some English who could afford fourteen days of quarantine on their return, ”notes Philippe Rossat.

“The typical stay for the Ile-de-France clientele is an arrival on Friday evening, a Saturday in the city center for shopping and restaurants, an active and green Sunday. “

Philippe Rossat
(director of the Chartres Métropole tourist office)

As for business tourism (seminars, training, conferences), the season is catastrophic for Chartres, confirms the director of the tourist office: “We had a few requests and, ultimately, chain cancellations. We hope for postponements to 2021. The weekday hotel industry will suffer. The tourist off-season for professionals seems radically compromised. “

On the other hand, those who saved the tourist season in Chartres, this is the Ile-de-France. Philippe Rossat confirms: “They generally represent 30% of our French customers. This year it was 70%! He adds: “This is good news because we have been working on it for a long time. The 100 km rule, coming out of confinement, has worked a lot in our favor. Ile-de-France residents have discovered Eure-et-Loir. “

Bike rentals have exploded this summer at the Chartres Métropole tourist office.

Chartres in particular has emerged as a leading destination for short stays. Philippe Rossat explains: “The typical stay for Ile-de-France customers is an arrival on Friday evening, a Saturday in the city center for shopping and restaurants, an active and green Sunday. ”Bicycle rental, a service launched this year by the Chartres Métropole tourist office, has“ exploded ”.

Cycle tourists save the season this year at the Chartres campsite

To “ride the wave” of these Ile-de-France residents who come on weekends, Chartres can bank on the terraces operation and the extension of Chartres en Lumières until January 3, 2021. And wants to “work on the quality of reception for meet this demanding clientele. We need local products, extended opening hours. For example, Chartres should not be a dead city on Sunday morning, ”insists Philippe Rossat.

In Chartres, heritage highlighted until Sunday January 3, 2021

A “greening” in Dreux

“We’re not doing so badly,” says Thierry Petit, manager of the royal chapel, in Dreux. “In July, there is an increase of 20% compared to last year. The visitors came to the chapel as soon as the confinement was over. “The 100 km rule worked in our favor. After a break in June, visitors returned in July. These are mainly Euréliens, inhabitants of neighboring departments and Parisians. “

Forests and ponds attract Ile-de-France residents to the Agglo du Pays de Dreux

The same goes for Château d’Anet with a 40% increase in attendance. “Visitors were 99.9% French,” says Jean de Yturbe, owner of the castle.

“We have received Parisians, inhabitants of Eure and Yvelines and locals who have rediscovered their heritage. Jean de Yturbe is optimistic. “If it continues like this, we will catch up, especially since groups that had canceled in the spring should come back this fall. “

Anet castle has seen a 40% increase in attendance.

The summer was also beautiful at the Canoe Nature base in Anet. “We had a lot of people in July and August,” says Sylvain Georges. “The weather was very nice, we received a lot of locals and Parisians, but also the Dutch. “

February 15, 1965: James Bond arrives at Anet castle

Those in charge of the Boullay-Mivoye and Saint-Sauveur-Marville lodges did not see any foreigners. “At the end of the confirmation, we received Parisians who wanted to go green. This summer, we mainly worked on weekends to accommodate people who came to family celebrations. There was little passage. “

“If it continues like this, we will catch up, especially since groups that had canceled in the spring should come back this fall. “

Jean de Yturbe
(owner of Château d’Anet)

At Camping des Étangs de Marsalin, in Vert-en-Drouais, the manager, Élodie Wisscoq, draws up a “mixed assessment”: “We received many more French people than in previous years, but fewer foreigners too. In the last week of August, we had mass cancellations from English tourists, following the fortnight announcements by their government. But currently we still have Dutch people. “The young woman is rather” satisfied two summer months. What was lost in the spring cannot be made up ”.

A surprising tourist season in Nogent-le-Rotrou despite the coronavirus crisis


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