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The moving story of animals risking their lives to save people. (Image source: Adobe Stock)
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Today we will give you an inventory, those that are enough to make people cry,Animals risk their lives to save peopleoftouching stories
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The lion rescued the kidnapped girl

This happened in June 2005 in a rural village in southwestern Ethiopia. A 12-year-old girl was kidnapped by seven men on her way home. In order to avoid the police, the robbers tied her next to the tent. After preparing to deal with her, but to their surprise, three lions suddenly appeared beside the girl. The robbers had to turn and run away after seeing the lion. The lion kept guarding the girl’s side. Until the police arrived, the lions turned and left, as if they knew that the girl was safe.

The police said that when they arrived, the lions had protected the girl for about half a day, not only did not inflict any harm on her, and did not allow anything to approach him. The lions left when the police arrived. Maybe they were roaring “It’s time to work!!” when they left.

Experts say that lions will protect girls because they may have reacted to the girl’s tears, as if they heard the cry of a lion cub, but we all know the real reason: animals are spiritual!

Noel Osborn was rescued by a goat

78-year-old Australian farmer Noel Osborne was accidentally knocked into a pile of bull dung by one of his cows. Generally speaking, this is not a big deal, but when he is a few years old, everything is hard to say. , Noel Osborn broke his hip when he touched the ground and was unable to stand. Fortunately, his dog found him with a goat. Two small animals were next to Noel Osborne to warm him at night, and the ewe also provided him with goat’s milk to fill his hunger and quench his thirst. Noel Osborne stayed there for five full days until his friend came home and found him.

Orangutan saved the little boy

The reason why we can put wild animals in the zoo properly without facing the crisis of regularly jumping out and beating tourists is because most animals have their own territories. They are placed in a space that they can call their own “territories”, and as long as the scope or borders of these territories are respected, they don’t mind eating, drinking, and playing in the sight of many.

But at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, the territory was broken by a three-year-old boy. When the little boy fell from the outside, he fell into the orangutan’s “turf”. The 18-foot drop made the little boy unconscious and severely injured his head. Gorillas are not too polite to their own territory being violated, and the police are also forbidden to act immediately because of this. That’s right, who wants to see the violent battle between armed police and a group of gorillas?

In this way, BintiJua bravely debuted when a child needed help and was unable to help all around. It sounds a lot like Indian Superman, but it’s not. Binti is just an orangutan in the zoo.

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Binti hugged the boy and led him to the staff-only door so that the medical staff could provide assistance. The police and local employees said that without Binti’s help, the situation would get worse.

BintiJua guarded the child and prevented any other orangutans from harming the child until the administrator came and it handed the child to the administrator.

If you think we just misunderstood the actions taken by the orangutans, this is not the first time this incident has happened. In the 1980s, a child fell into the gorilla shelter at the Jersey Zoo.

At that time, it was a silverback gorilla who rescued the child. Generally speaking, the “leader” in the orangutan group is usually silverback. This lead gorilla looked after the child before the medical staff came and did not allow other gorillas to come too close.

Whale rescued drowning diver

The incident took place at the Harbin Polar Museum in China. Seven divers participated in a diving competition in their 20-foot deep whale pond with Arctic water temperature when the use of respirators was prohibited. The winner will have the opportunity to be a whale trainer.

Yang Yun, 26, was one of the lucky ones to be able to compete. Just when she dived to the bottom of the pool, her feet cramped, which made her unable to swim well. Damn it, who could have predicted that such a thing would happen in a diving competition in cool water without any aids!

In the panic, she began to suffocate. Just then Mira, one of the two beluga whales in the whale pool swam over and swam onto the water with Yang Yun’s feet in her mouth. Later, Yang Yun went ashore safely, which is gratifying.

The pig saved the owner of a heart attack

Although pigs have a stereotype of being lazy in people’s impressions, it is undeniable that they are wise. Scientists once showed that pigs have an IQ that rivals that of chimpanzees. In fact, in addition to their beggars, there was also a pig that saved the lives of human beings.

The story of this black pig’s savior took place in the 1990s. It was a pet pig with a pot-bellied pig named Lulu. It was originally a gift from an old couple to their daughter, but Lulu did not expect it to The 4 kilograms grew to over 140 kilograms, and her daughter had no time to take care of her, so she had to take Lulu back to her parents for help.

One day in August 1998, the old couple took Lulu to Beaver Falls in Pennsylvania for a holiday. They lived in a campervan with a yard fence. Lulu and the family dogs played in the yard. The male host went fishing in the lake early in the morning, leaving the heroine and two animals at home, but he never thought that 61-year-old JoAnn had a heart attack. She fell to the ground and couldn’t move. Method.

At this time, the pet pig Lulu suddenly ran out of the house. Since the gate of the yard was not opened, he could only pass through the small gate prepared for the dog. Finally, his back was scratched by the fence and ran onto the highway. At this time, it happened to usher in a man who was playing in the countryside. Lulu got out of the grass, then bit the man’s clothes, and kept pulling the man, as if he wanted the man to follow it.

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At the beginning, the man was a little scared, but slowly, as if he understood its meaning, and then followed the black pig away. As a result, the man saw a very worrying scene. , A middle-aged woman was lying at the door of the house, holding her chest, and wailing constantly. The man immediately called and called the doctor. The doctor looked at it and said it was a heart attack. If it is later, there will be no rescue. !

Fortunately, the hostess Jo was rescued, and Lulu became a hero pig and was awarded the Hero Animal Medal. But the biggest benefit for Lulu is that the food has become better, and there are donuts to eat every day.

The horse rescued the owner from the mad cow attack

Think about it, everyone, what a terrible thing that a half ton of angry cattle will throw you around.

Let’s talk about Fiona Boyd, a female farmer in Scotland. One day she was doing what the farmer did. She went to look at the newly born calf. The mother of the calf, who was very unlucky, became angry and ran into Fiona all over. The 1,000-pound cow hit Fiona several times in this way, knocking Fiona’s kindness and people to the ground. Ah, and then rolled on her again.

Just when Fiona thought she had no hope, her mare, Kerry, rushed over after hearing her call for help nearby, perhaps neighing cool lines on the way, like “How can you lose the horse face if you have a bull’s head” !!!” or “I am so unhappy now!!!”. Kerry started to kick in a series of kicks, kicking the cows obediently, and calmed down. If you continue to kick, you should get very tender steaks. The appearance of Kerry gave Fiona enough time to climb to the safe zone: a fence 20 feet away.

Later, Fiona only received treatment for cuts and bruises, and if her horse did not show up, she would not be able to escape death.

Rabbit saved diabetic coma

The rabbit is not regarded as a mascot, or as a wizard’s assistant, but neither of them can be called bravery. It was not until Simon Steggall fell into a potentially fatal diabetic coma in his hometown of Cambridge, England, that the heroic rabbit finally appeared.

When the incident happened, Simon’s wife, Victoria was nearby, but she thought Simon was just asleep on the sofa when she was tired from work. Dory, the pet rabbit of the two couples, jumped on Simon after seeing something was wrong. She bounced around on Simon and licked Simon’s mouth like a white rabbit prince, trying to return to her master’s consciousness.

Soon Victoria also noticed Dory’s weird behavior and did not hesitate to accept that the rabbit was more sensitive than her and knew her husband’s medical history and contacted the medical staff. In this way, Simon was saved. Dory’s actions made her an honorary member of the Rabbit Welfare Association (a direct translation should be the Rabbit Welfare Association). Although we really want to say that it is an association composed of a group of brave rabbits, the members of the association are reserved for others. That’s why Dory is even more remarkable, right?

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Stray dogs save abandoned babies

Dogs are called man’s best friends for a certain reason. The reason is that even if people ignore them, they will stay silently and guard their owners. A stray dog ​​accidentally found one in the forest. Abandoned the baby and saved her life. The stray dog ​​found the baby girl in a plastic bag and took her to a small wooden house where it raised a litter of puppies. The dog continued to guard the baby. Until someone found the child and sent the baby girl to the hospital.

Dolphins save people

In 2004, lifeguard Robb and three colleagues were swimming on a beach near New Zealand when they were suddenly surrounded by seven bottlenose dolphins. Robb decided to follow a dolphin and dive into the water to see what happened. As a result, he found a great white shark wandering nearby, and then he realized that the dolphins might be protecting them. Another lifeguard named Matt witnessed all this from the coast. He further investigated by boat and noticed the sharks and dolphins, which continued to swim around the swimmers and did not leave one after another until 40 minutes later.

A few years later, a similar incident happened again. In 2007, Todd Endris was playing surfing when a shark hit him and fell off the board. Just when Todd was fatally wounded, a group of dolphins appeared to surround Todd and block the great white sharks until he was rescued ashore by friends who rushed over.

The rescue of the whale

In October 2017, a woman was swimming in the Cook Islands when a humpback whale appeared near her. The whale rammed her body lightly with its head and belly, trying to get her to stand on her back. Although she knew well about humpback whales, she had never seen such a strange behavior, and she immediately returned to the boat when she was alert. On the boat, she discovered that a five-meter-long tiger shark was lurking nearby, staring at her. It turned out that the whale had been protecting her from harm. This is extremely rare in the animal kingdom.

Animals are very sensitive to danger. When faced with dangerous situations, they are also afraid and panic. But out of love for people, they choose to protect humans even if they lose precious lives and bring them life. Hope.

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