Totto suitcases, new nickname for scholarship students

The uproar started at the account of a tweeter who opened a thread commenting on what she claims is the new nickname with which, supposedly, they call students with scholarships at the Universidad de Los Andes, in Bogotá.

“I find out that in the Andes they use nicknames to refer to the becados. I read one in particular: “los suitcase totto”. I understand, It must be frustrating that the Totto agrees to such educational favors for merit and not for the grace of having a rich family or debt capacity ”, writes a tweet that calls itself ‘ar · te · mis’, in that social network.

This is the tweet:

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Before the comment, dozens of tweeters have responded and rejected what would be a mockery of some students of that university, one of the most expensive in Colombia, against people who use Totto’s suitcases, a legendary Colombian brand that is recognized and praised by thousands of citizens.

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“Wait, so the pupis make fun of those who use totto? , but if the suitcases totto are cule podina expensive “, responded one of the users of that social network.

It is not the first time that complaints have been made related to nicknames and possible acts of mistreatment against scholarship students who, in most cases, are of limited resources and They have managed to reach that institution because they stood out in school and in its educational processes.

Another user in that same social network assures that he met several scholarship students who suffered from discrimination against people from higher strata who are in Los Andes.

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“I knew several scholarship students who felt discriminated against because they did not have the money to patch up with others, there are some who do not graduate, and those who graduate rarely achieve similar salaries to others,” wrote a tweeter identified as Daveed Silva Ossa.

This is the tweet:

At another time, the then rector of Los Andes Alejandro Gaviria issued a statement rejecting some classist and provocative comments against some students from that same institution.


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