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The special act will take place in the city of Cartagena soon.

In recognition of more than 60 years of artistic life, the Colombian Caribbean Cultural Observatory will present the singer Sonia Bazanta ‘Totó la Momposina’ with the Héctor Rojas Herazo Scholarship. The special act will take place in the city of Cartagena soon.

This was announced by Philip Wright, Academic Director of the Colombian Caribbean Observatory and Fernán Acosta Valdelamar, executive director of that institution, in conversation with a renowned Cartagena media.

The interpreter of songs like ‘La candela viva’, ‘El pescador’ and ‘Yo me lloma cumbia’ has not only been a singer and guardian of sound and rhythmic knowledge, but has also been a composer, singer, researcher and has traced the essence of tradition and enriched with a staging in which dance and the story of oral tradition come together.

Did the great folkloric ambassador Totó la Momposina announce her retirement from the stage in 2022 due to neuro-cognitive difficulties that prevent her from continuing to perform as she did without interruption for more than six decades, during which time she preserved and spread the roots of her music? traditional around the world.

Totó said goodbye to his audience with a great show at the Cordillera Festival, where he reviewed the successes of his career and showed that, despite his 86 years, he still wants to dance for a while.

Now, his children Marco Vinicio, Angélica and Eurídice Oyaga receive this inheritance along with their grandchildren and continue his musical legacy. Some of them have already performed and recorded with the artist.

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