Tortelli with blueberries, Francesca Marsetti’s recipe

Try the red tortelli, the blueberry tortelli by Francesca Marsetti. This is the recipe for today’s first course 10 June 2021 for It’s always noon. Once again an original recipe suggested by Marsetti but how many will try to make this dish of fresh and stuffed pasta. Pasta with blueberries, however, is really a greedy idea, a real surprise especially to mix with blueberry extract. The idea of ​​the ricotta filling is excellent, maybe try the gambuccio to discover the combination. Here’s how tortelli are made, these ravioli with blueberries with gambuccio and ricotta by Francesca Marsetti for the new recipes It’s always noon.


Ingredients: you can find them in the photos below

Preparation: we mix the flour with the egg, salt, a drizzle of olive oil and also the blueberry extract, we get the classic dough that we let it rest wrapped in cling film for half an hour. We roll out the dough.

For the filling, brown the chopped gambuccio with a knife in a pan, it must become crunchy.
In the bowl we work the ricotta with salt and pepper, add the cooled gambuccio and also the fresh one, mix, if necessary add a little rice flour but the best choice is to use well drained ricotta. We have the filling that we lay on the pastry in small piles.
Cover with the pastry and seal, cut out the tortelli with molds or with a notched wheel. We cook in salted boiling water, just a few minutes.

Put the blueberries in the bowl with the vinegar and a pinch of salt, mash with a fork and set aside.

For the sauce, put the cream in the saucepan, heat and add the grated pecorino, mix and melt.

Drain the tortelli and toss in a pan with the blueberry extract, serve with the cream and pecorino sauce and the marinated blueberries, but also some crunchy gambuccio if we have kept it aside.

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