Tore Petterson hospitalized:

Good evening Norway talks to the popular comedian a few hours after he woke up from the anesthesia.

– My retina came loose. It can be scary if it is not operated on quickly.

He describes the operation as successful, but explains that the retinal detachment comes as a result of a previous operation.

Received a stern message from the doctor: – There are many who do not believe in it

– Can go blind

Petterson says that there is a great danger of retinal detachment after cataract surgery. He had such an operation at the turn of the year 2019/2020.

– I have been very careful and afraid that it will happen. Untreated, one can certainly become blind in that eye, at least become very visually impaired.

He was operated on Monday morning and woke up from the anesthesia at half past one. He says he is happy that the form is increasing.

– They are so incredibly talented at Ullevål! I’ve never been under anesthesia, and the first thing I wanted when I woke up was barbecue and white wine. Will say it’s a good sign!

Tore Petterson with a torch in the gay fight

Looking forward to comfort

At the time of writing, Petterson is still in the hospital, but will soon receive a visit. His girlfriend Joakim Tjøstheim (28) is on his way.

– Now I am waiting for Joakim who will comfort me, and be a good girlfriend after work.

He is looking forward to coming home, but has to stay in the hospital another night for observation.

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