Tomás Alarcón confesses Gary Medel’s advice: “I had to hit that hueón” – La Roja

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Tomás Alarcón confesses Gary Medel's advice:

The midfielder starred in an interview in which he recounted the dialogue he had with “Pitbull” minutes before the game against Bolivia began.

Tomás Alarcón, after the good game he made in the friendly of the Roja in view of Bolivia last Friday, he starred in an interview with Radio Future to publicize their impressions of that friendly meeting.

In the conversation, the flyer of O’Higgins detailed what the technician’s instructions were Martin Lasarte and also the advice he gave before the game Gary Medel.


Regarding what the coach asked him, Alarcón said: “He gave me the order to centralize much more. Pablo (Galdames) is playing containment, but he has played mixed. So he wanted me to be with Gary generating a false line of three. “.

As for the advice of the “Pitbull”, Alarcón explains that he asked him to play fast. “If you have it more times, they’ll screw you but the team forces you to have a free side. Gary tells you: ‘I had to play simpler, huh.'”


Alarcón also details that before each game he asks how it is easier to mark a player. For the game against Bolivia, he consulted about the highland striker Marcelo Moreno Martins and Medel’s response was very clear.

“With the 7 of Bolivia, He said it was fast but it was a bit old. `I had to hit that hueón a good one before` is the advice he gave me”revealed.


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