Tokyo 2020: Olympic Basketball Qualifiers. Schedule and program of matches

  • Polish basketball players are fighting for promotion to the Olympic Games. In the first game they won against Angola
  • In the second match they will face Slovenia, the two best teams will play in the semifinals of the tournament in Tokyo
  • Only the winner of the qualifying tournament in Kaunas will go to the Olympics in Tokyo

Tokyo 2020. Who can Poland play with?

The Polish national team must win the qualifying tournament to be promoted to the Tokyo Olympics. On July 1, the Poles will play against Slovenia and it will be the last game of the Polish team in group B2.

Schedule of matches of the “Polish” group B2:

June 29, Tuesday: Poland – Angola 83:64

June 30, Wednesday: Angola – Slovenia 68: 118

1st July, Thursday: Slovenia – Poland (15:30)

In the first match, Mike Taylor’s players won against Angola, the eleven-time African champion 83:64. On July 1, our basketball players will face the task of stopping Slovenia with a star in the person of Luca Doncic. The meeting will be available on TVP Sport, as well as online on and in the mobile application.

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The two best teams from our group will play in the semi-finals against Lithuania, Venezuela or South Korea. Only the winner of the qualifying tournament in Kaunas will advance to the Olympic Games.

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Tokyo 2020: who will play at the Olympics?

Group A includes the national teams of France, Iran, USA, and the stake will be completed by the winner of the tournament in Victoria. In group B, apart from Australia and Nigeria, the winners of the qualifying tournaments in Split and Belgrade will play.

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In case of promotion, the Polish team will play in Tokyo in group C. The winner of the tournament in Kaunas will join Argentina, Japan and Spain.

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Tokyo 2020. Division of groups:

A: Iran, France, USA, winner of the tournament in Victoria

B: Australia, Tournament Winner in Split, Tournament Winner in Belgrade, Nigeria

C: Argentina, Japan, Spain, winner of the tournament in Kaunas (possibly Poland)

The Polish national team of basketball players played for the last time at the 1980 Olympics at a tournament in Moscow.

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