Tokyo 2020. Lindsay Flach is 18 weeks pregnant. She competed in the seven round

Until now, Lindsay Flach kept a secret that she was pregnant. In the end, however, she decided to publicly show that she was expecting a child. “Each story has its end, but in life each end is a new beginning. A secret is no longer a secret” – she revealed on Instagram. Moreover, it turned out that she took part in competitions that were a pre-Olympic trial.

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Lindsay Flach competed in the sevenathlon being 18 weeks pregnant

Lindsay Flach is a seven-voice player. The competition lasted two days and was held in extremely hot conditions. On Sunday, all competitions in the US Olympic Track & Field Trials were postponed to the evening, because the air temperature in Eugene was around 38 degrees Celsius, and the track temperature sensors showed even higher values.

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Lindsay Flach competed in the next sevenathlon events. The 31-year-old took 15th place, and in the 800 m race she deliberately defeated 100 of them, then left the track. “Her high jumps were especially impressive!” – we read on Fast Women’s Twitter profile.

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The athlete’s achievements were commented on by Internet users. “Regards Lindsay Flach from Watertown, who competed in the grueling sevenathlon even though she was 18 weeks pregnant.” week of pregnancy! Real inspiration! “,” Wow! “,” Applause “,” It’s crazy “- they wrote in the comments.

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