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Do not miss the step by step of this exquisite recipe to surprise everyone at home.


Provencal cake

Milk 300 cm3.
Egg 2 u.
Sugar 50 gr.
Fine salt 12 gr.
Flour 0000 710 gr.
Fresh yeast 60 gr.
Butter 50 gr.

Pie filling
Berenjena 300 gr.
Zucchini 300 gr.
Perita tomatoes 300 gr.
Onion 300 gr.
Red bell 100 gr.
Garlic 10 gr.
Rosemary 5 gr.
Albahaca c/n.
Oregano c/n.
Thyme c / n.
Olive oil 80 cm3.
Grated cheese 100 gr.
Pategras cheese c / n.
Sal c / n.

Egg c / n.
Milk c / n.
Azúcar c/n.
Fine salt c / n.

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