Today’s recipe from Javier Romero: potatoes a la riojana | Taste

We begin a new week of recipes with a dish that we all know in La Rioja and that is the gastronomic heritage of our region. It is possibly the best known dish outside of La Rioja and it is not surprising that this is the case. A stew that is prepared with so few ingredients (and humble by the way) and that is so good, it is impossible that it does not become popular. Anyone who comes to La Rioja to do tourism wants to try a good plate of potatoes a la Rioja with some piparras and a red Rioja wine and, if possible, some cutlets with second vine shoots.


– Potatoes

– Chorizo

– Onion

– garlic

– Red pepper

– Fried tomato

– Hot paprika

– Olive oil

– Water

– Room


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