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Pasta and various oils recipe

We are already approaching the end of the week and today we have a double recipe. On the one hand, Luis Carlos Romero, will delight our palate with a pasta dish different from what we usually see. Taking advantage of the idea of ​​chicken a la moruna from last week, he has taken one of the most common meats of Arab cuisine and has prepared a pasta with lamb that is quite reminiscent in flavors of the chicken recipe. It has plums, mushrooms, cumin … ingredients that, when put together, will give us a good amount of delicious nuances.

On the other hand, Javier Romero is going to teach us how to prepare 3 flavored oils. The process is very simple, because you just have to have several oil canisters and add olive oil and the ingredient you want to give the oil flavor. In this case, we have an oil with garlic, another with thyme and another spicy. So you have a choice.

Pasta ingredients:

– 500 g of pasta

– 400 g of boneless leg of lamb

– 200 g of mushrooms

– 10 prunes

– 1 teaspoon of cumin

– 3 garlic cloves

– 1 large carrot

– Olive oil

– Water

– Room

Ingredients of the oils:

– Olive oil

– Thyme

– garlic

– Cayenne chilli


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