“Today, parents are being martyred by their children”

INTERVIEW – At a time when many parents apply the precepts of benevolent education, clinical psychologist Caroline Goldman warns of its excesses and recalls the importance of limits in the education of children.

What parent hasn’t tried to hug their child after a post-tantrum crisis to reassure them of their love? Explained (for the fifth time) why you shouldn’t hit the other comrades? Or simply devoured books of this famous benevolent education? This educational movement based on three pillars, love, dialogue and limits, entered many French homes about ten years ago. But after having seduced, he now sees himself strongly criticized.

Among his defendants, the clinical psychologist Caroline Goldman. For several years, the specialist has been on a crusade against certain French spokespersons for the movement. She accuses them of having hijacked the initial definition by removing the “educational limits” component. The “alarming” consequences according to the psychologist, would be observed in consultation: children without any limits, hermetic to authority, intolerant of frustration and above all in…

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