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Today is the full moon “Back Moon” A wide range of observation opportunities

2021/07/24 08:34 Weathernews

Today, July 24th (Sat) is the full moon. As the full moon arrives around noon, the full moon rises in the evening.

It is difficult to observe Okinawa and the Pacific side of western Japan due to the effects of typhoons and the inflow of moist air, but it seems that you can enjoy the full moon in a wide range from Hokkaido to northern Kyushu. Also, pay attention to the appearance of the full moon and Saturn snuggling up to each other.

How to call the full moon in the agricultural calendar

Indigenous peoples of the United States gave names to the full moons seen in each month in various ways, such as animals, plants, and seasonal events, in order to understand the seasons.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon in June is called the “Buck Moon” in the United States.

Around 23:00 on the 23rd to 27th South-southeast sky (Tokyo)

You can also enjoy approaching the planet at the same time during the full moon this month.

From the night of Saturday, July 24th to the dawn of Sunday, July 25th, the Moon and Saturn will approach each other. Saturn is about 0.2 mag, which is the brightest among the stars, so it seems that you can find the planet relatively easily.

The next night, it will be closer to Jupiter, so it will be fun every night. Enjoy the night sky bustling with the moon and planets.

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Positional relationship between the sun, moon, and earth

The moon does not shine by itself, but looks shining by reflecting the light of the sun.

The apparent shape of the crescent moon, the first string, the full moon, the lower string, etc. changes depending on which direction the hemisphere of the lunar surface, which is exposed to the sun’s rays, is facing from the earth.

Based on the direction of the sun as seen from the earth, the moment when the yellow meridian difference between the direction of the sun and the direction of the moon is 0 degrees is the new moon, the moment of 90 degrees is the first quarter (half moon), and the moment of 180 degrees is desired. (Full moon), the moment of 270 degrees is defined as the first quarter (half moon), and it makes one lap in less than a month.

In other words, the full moon is the moment when the sun and the moon are lined up in the opposite directions when viewed from the earth (the moment when the sun, the earth, and the moon are lined up in almost a straight line).

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