to savor the victory, despite the pain

Unsurprisingly, it is the Devils who make the front page and the press is not sulking!

So there is the press which underlines the pain that there was to defeat this Portugal yesterday, and then there is the one who wants above all to savor the victory.

Pain first, as with the Gazet van Antwerpen, “with blood, sweat and tears“, msame tone “sweat and toilpour The Latest News.

The Devils suffered, but offer themselves a quarter-final against Italy“in one of La Libre.

What tension!“The Importance of Limburg.

And then, these dailies that do not shy away from their pleasure, example with De Morgen, “thanks to 10 intelligent devils and a superman“, Good morning Italiepour The Latest News, Phe-no-me-nal !Dit la DH.

Happiness by Hazard“Le Soir, which evokes a brilliant shot by Thorgan Hazard.

And it is true, that it was beautiful this shot. And my God it was stressful “Seconds sounded like minutes last night“says L’Avenir”the Belgium was draped in bravery to succeed in a benchmark match yesterday in Seville. Exit Portugal from Cristiano Ronaldo, cThe reigning European champion, in this poster worthy of a final, is a strong message.

Next step therefore, Italy “a team famously difficult to shake up“says L’Avenir again.”This will be the fourth consecutive quarter-final in major tournaments for Belgium. It remains to be hoped that the Red Devils, sharper and hungrier than ever, will reach the end of the road this time..”

The other big headline this morning is the results of the regional elections in France.

This is notably the editorial of Le Soir, “lThe worst will therefore have been avoided.“The National Rally of Marine Le Pen did not win any territory after the second round of regional elections.

But the correspondent of Le Soir in France believes that this election is despite everything “a warning shot“, because it was marked by a very high abstention rate: 65%.

The voters did not turn away from the extreme right because they were convinced by the other parties. They abstained en masse because they no longer even believe that the promises of the populists can change their lives.

Record abstentionism deeply questions the governance model. Le Soir talks about damaged democracy.

A record abstention, and yet it would be too easy “to attribute this democratic fiasco only to politicians“.

La Libre also points to the responsibility of citizens.

This democratic laziness is also that of a time when citizens no longer even want to travel to vote. And they are the same who will be the first to complain, national sport, to criticize the decisions that will be taken tomorrow, the elected officials that they will not have chosen.“La Libre reminds us:”being a citizen of a country gives you rights, but also duties. One of them is to participate in the designation of the people who will be responsible for running the institutions.“.

Le Figaro points him to the double sanction, Le Pen and also Macron: since the presidential party is ghostly after this election.

Those who ultimately share the cake are the traditional parties of the right and the left. They are getting back into working order for the presidential election. It’s less than 10 months now. The presidential election in France will indeed be in April 2022.

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