To avoid unpleasant nightmares you must absolutely avoid these foods

How many times have we had a nightmare? Maybe we fall off a cliff or they steal something valuable from us. In other cases we dream of losing our hair or wallet.

But why do we have bad dreams? Why do we experience unpleasant and terrifying situations while we sleep? Certainly there are personal psychological reasons to be taken into account. Some elements, however, are quite common.

For example, to avoid unpleasant nightmares you must absolutely avoid these foods.

Sleep is a particular state of consciousness

Sleep involves a reduced ability to respond to environmental stimuli. It is actively induced by humans. It has various functions: consolidating memory and learning, refreshing and recovering energy. In addition, sleep deprivation can seriously affect our health. Even nightmares, however, can affect our well-being.

To avoid unpleasant nightmares you must absolutely avoid these foods

Despite being a particular state of consciousness, sleep is strongly influenced by wakefulness. Without talking about different interpretations and theories, we need to take note of a fact. If you eat something just before bedtime, you may have difficulty falling asleep. This means that you should eat at least an hour and a half before going to bed.

In particular, however, it is advisable to avoid certain foods. First of all the spicy foods that give strong enough stimuli to the central nervous system. They also affect the digestive system. A similar argument applies to dairy products. By ingesting such products before going to bed, we will almost certainly have nightmares. Why?

Simple. Many foods – and the aforementioned in particular – increase metabolism. The body prepares to digest. The activity of the brain increases exponentially. This activity is overwhelmingly reflected on our dream activity. It could therefore happen to dream of something bad and disturbing.

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It is therefore suggested to avoid dairy products and spicy foods before going to bed.

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