“TNT is ready for the battle with the Ural dumplings. Who won the 5th edition of “Concerts” – “Astana” or Russia? | Executioner

The overall standings of the former “Game”, taking into account points for the Kazakhs, Smolensk and Pyatigorsk.

The show “Concerts” is a continuation of the legendary “Game”, which in 2021 beat the trends of Russian YouTube and the ratings of domestic TV. The killer of KVN was killed by Alexander Maslyakov’s call to friends from the AP, but the banger of the last TV season was revived – however, without ratings, jury and direct battles between the teams.

“Executioner” makes watching “Concerts” more interesting. Once a week, the authors and editors of the site, together with the hosts of the top entertainment TV telegram channels, evaluate which team was stronger in each episode. One author – one point, everything, as in the original “Game”.

At the end of each article, you will find an intermediate table of the season, at the end of 2022 – the final ranking of all teams. Today – the battle between Astana and the Russian team.

Danil Tarmasinov, author of The Executioner

The Russian team unexpectedly showed 20 minutes in the style of “Ural dumplings” – a reprise about unglamorous Rus’. For a channel that has had a gilded logo for 10 years, such an appeal to the humor of the deep province is a sensational revelation.

“Smolensk + Pyatigorsk” was well strengthened by the star of “Miniatures” Anton Osternikov, but only more clearly highlighted the trend on the non-capital agenda. Plus, the series with Kartunkova and Baitsaev hints that the Russian team is ready for both its own show and competition with Pelmeni. But “Astana” still amused more – the Kazakhstan fool in action. Ball Daniyaru, Olzhasu, Arnatu, Bauyrzhanu and Erkebulanu.

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Everything is relative. Last time “Astana” gave out its maximum, but was crushed by harsh men from “Krasnoyarsk”. In the next issue, the Kazakhs showed a standard performance: a cheerful start, active work with the audience, dubious ethnic humor and miniatures from which you expect more.

Then came the team, in which only two people played the whole evening – Olga Kartunkova and Maxim Kiselev. All the other participants on the stage did not appear. This was especially noticeable in the miniature with a birthday present. A long and languid intro, ending with a stereotyped exit to advertising.

In a competitive struggle, both teams would certainly have been trampled, but in this battle, in my opinion, won “Astana”.

Zaurbek Baitsaev and Olga Kartunkova (Russian team) in the show

It’s really hard to choose who you like today. Astana and the Russian team are the teams whose humor is not suitable for everyone. For some, Astana is the most brilliant team, while others do not understand what is happening with them.

In the Russian team, many miniatures will look vital for older people, so if you watch this concert with your parents, somewhere they will definitely laugh. The most memorable jokes are Daniyar’s exit, Arnat’s exit, miniatures about anecdote and animals, and how a student stayed 20 times for the second year.

At the Russian national team, I laughed out loud with Zaur (especially about the “ring”), as well as with another parody from Katya. The rest is all very vaguely remembered. Initially, I wanted to give a point to Astana, but due to the presence of Zaur my score rides the Russian team.

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Ivan Kovalchuk, editor of The Executioner

Ekaterina Morgunova (Team Russia), show

The Kazakhs from “Astana” showered the audience with a set of mediocre reprises: never bad, but not outstanding either. I was pleased with the starting pantomime with a horse, smiled at the absurd miniature with cheetahs and appreciated the emotional finale of the performance. The ending of the Kazakhs is much more concert than that of the competitors.

But otherwise, the Russian team seemed a little stronger and more diverse. Here is a parody of Buzova (yes, slightly outdated, but pleasant as an actor), and witty, but unobtrusive roasting of other teams, and several topical miniatures. The execution of the showrooms, the dikpick picnic and the conversation of schoolteachers turned the game upside down. Score of Kartunkova and company.

The overall standings of the show
The overall standings of the show

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