Title: “Intellectual Property Expert Dispatch Program for Venture Capital: Accelerating Startups’ Growth”

This program dispatches intellectual property experts such as patent attorneys and lawyers (hereinafter referred to as “intellectual property experts”) to venture capital firms (hereinafter referred to as “VCs”) to build intellectual property strategies for startups through VCs. It is a program that provides support such as Dispatched intellectual property experts collaborate with VCs to support startups before and after investment in building intellectual property strategies linked to their business strategies, thereby accelerating the growth of startups. . Our company was selected as one of the 10 VC companies that dispatch intellectual property experts in this program.

JPO “Intellectual Property Specialist Dispatch Program for Venture Capital” website

Nihon Keizai Shimbun article

JPO Dispatch Patent Attorneys to 10 VC Companies to Support Emerging Intellectual Property Strategy

We have provided hands-on business support and accompaniment to researchers belonging to universities and national research institutes from before the founding to after the investment. Through this program, we will provide intellectual property strategy formulation support for pre-founding researchers, appropriate intellectual property evaluation in investment consideration, intellectual property strategy formulation support for investee startups, and strengthen know-how in collaboration with intellectual property experts, hands-on. We will improve the quality of support and support the growth acceleration of R&D startups.

[Overview of Future Creation Organization]
In 2016, we signed an organizational partnership agreement with the Tokyo Institute of Technology to promote social collaboration activities, and established and operate a Tokyo Institute of Technology-related venture capital fund. The second fund, which was established in 2021, is expanding its target areas to cover technical colleges in addition to Tokyo Tech-related ventures. As for investment performance, we have invested in 42 R&D startups, mainly Tokyo Tech-related ventures, and 3 companies have been listed.
In addition to working as a business promoter for the JST START project, he also serves as a GTIE cooperating organization and mentor, and accompanies the social implementation of technology from the research stage to post-startup funding and hands-on. We have formed a growth team to provide multifaceted support for the business growth of “Deep Tech” startups. Adopted for the 2023 NEDO “Support Project for Securing Managerial Human Resources at University Startups (MPM)”, and while operating the Visiting Entrepreneur (EIR) system, we are also working to supply and develop managerial human resources for R&D startups. .

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We have formed partnership agreements with university VCs, SME Support, Kitakyushu City, and the Tsukuba Research Support Center to form an ecosystem surrounding research and development startups.

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