TIS-Mattu and BB-Sofia are sorting out the differences, there will be crying

Mattu bursts into tears in the Great Luck Fellas truth competitors.

Mattu is worried about his position in the race.

Mattu is concerned about his posture in the race. Heidi Heikkilä

In the Fantastic Luck Men opposition of social media influencers and reality stars, the gaps are sorted out currently. It makes me cry. Common from Temptation Island Mattu opens up about his inner thoughts to anyone who has also participated in Big Brother For Sofia.

– I received a bad experience, Mattu commences to cry profusely.

He does not know any of his opponents from right before. Sofia, on the other hand, is a superior mate of Marko Björs – Try to remember the journey of love Sergey’s with. Mattu is frightened that he will be voted out mainly because he has no sturdy ties to any one.

– I get the emotion that I am an outsider, when I really don’t know anyone below, Mattua regrets.

Sofia’s teammate is Muhku, identified from the Like Island actuality present. Key Video clip

Sofia comforts her rival sister, but she does not apologize for her friendship with Sergey. Sofia has presently carried out it ahead of for Mikael to make it clear that he does not take into account himself a snake, as the guy has implied.

– Of program, Sergey and I cling out below much more. But that does not imply that we conspire or conspire in opposition to each individual other, he has pointed out.

Receiving caught is not a thing that Sofia likes.

– The laundry was limited, Sofia commented to the cameras.

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Presenter Jukka Hildén needs the contestants accomplishment in the mittelö. – Very good luck, fellas, he shouts in the series. Primary Video

New episode of Great Luck Guys right now on Prime Online video. See application data for streaming services at Telku.

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