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Hello! My name is Iwama.
This time, we will talk about protecting the health of your dog.
My dog, Ron, has actually been injured a little.

It’s okay now,
At that time, I was thrilled.

About the knee injury of my dog ​​”Ron”

It was a few years ago.
When my dog, American Cocker Spaniel Ron, was running well in the square, he suddenly started walking with his hind legs raised.
If you take him to the hospital in a hurry, the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee may be damaged.

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament are injuries that may require surgery.
At that time, Ron was already approaching seniors, so he did not undergo surgery in consideration of his age, and he was treated with anti-inflammatory agents and restricted exercise.

A few years later, I am now walking without problems, but at that time I was walking with my hind legs squeezing while covering the affected area.
It was very painful for me to do something very poor and sorry.

Dogs are said to have many joint diseases

Lachman injuries in dogs are injuries that can occur in any child.
The most common leg diseases in dogs are “patella / patellar dislocation” and “hip dysplasia”, both of which are joint diseases.
It seems that it will develop / worsen if the joints are subjected to excessive force in daily life, so let’s prepare the condition of your dog and the environment inside your house.

Ingenuity to protect your dog’s legs

① Weight control

It is strictly forbidden for people and dogs to be overweight!
When you become obese, your legs must support a heavier body than you should, putting stress on your ligaments and joints.
If you think you may be fat, lose weight and become slimmer, then gradually increase your physical activity.

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A good figure for your dog is that it has a moderate constriction when viewed from above, and when you touch the area around your chest, you can touch the ribs under the thin fat.
↓ I wrote in detail in this column, so please read it!

What is Body Condition Score (BCS)? Let’s know the body shape of your dog!

↓ Click here for a diet that you can easily start!

Let’s enjoy working on your dog’s “rice diet”!

↓ Click here for the concept of dog food for dieting!

Think about your dog’s diet from what you eat!

② Ingenuity to prevent slipping in the house!

Image of Joint Mat Floor and American Cocker Spaniel Ron
Because my home is flooring
I’m laying a joint mat.

Flooring-like slippery floors are a bit annoying for dogs.
By slipping while walking, a strange force is applied to the body and the joints and ligaments are also strained.

In a house where you spend most of your daily life, lay a mat or carpet to keep your dog comfortable.

Image of stairs with anti-slip protection for dogs
Because the stairs have a high load on the legs
If you do slip protection like this
Both dogs and humans are safe and secure!

③ Exercise moderately according to your age

You can strengthen your muscles by exercising moderately.
Exercise is very important because when your muscles get stronger, they protect your ligaments and joints.
However, it is NG to suddenly force a puppy who is not physically fit or a senior who is weakened to exercise violently.
Considering the amount of exercise and age, let’s do “exercise with a little load” while watching the state of your dog.
For senior children and children who do not exercise much, it is also recommended to add an uphill when taking a walk to improve muscle strength.

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I also write about this area in various columns.

↓ Click here for leg muscle training that you can usually do!

Dogs weaken from their hind legs! Let’s train the hind legs!

↓ You can enjoy your walk with some ingenuity!

Fun for people and dogs! Diet while exercising ♪

This time, I have told you some points that you can usually do so that your dog can walk forever.
As a senior, there seems to be a timing when the small load that has been accumulated up to now comes out at once.
Please give care that you can do before you become a senior so that everyone living with a young pet dog can extend their healthy life expectancy!

Mail order department manager Iwama

Text: Mail order department manager Iwama
Former domestic dog dog trainer. Dog life counselor, pet animal breeding manager.
Lives with a mix of American Cocker Spaniel and Pome x Papillon (both senior).
My dog ​​is also commuting to the office every day.

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