Tips against obesity in dogs and cats

Age promotes obesity

However, there are dogs and cats that seem to gain weight due to age, when they begin to live their last years, it is then that we can notice a greater tendency to be overweight. This is related to the lack of exercise in those more advanced stages, especially if the animal already has a health problem that makes it impossible for it to move or makes it difficult. Once a dog or cat is limited in its exercise, it will begin to eat more to compensate for its desire to be active. Gaining more weight and not burning calories are the game that increases the reserves of fat and calories in your pet’s body. don’t forget that exercise is important for your pet, no matter how old it is, encourage it. If you have a dog, go out and play outside, try to integrate it with other dogs and actively participate in races and searches, to the extent possible. If you have a cat, look for games that you can play with him, use your imagination and toys, now there are many small games on the market that test his hunting instincts and his body.

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