TikTok names popular videos in 2021

The TikTok platform has compiled a rating of videos that have become the most popular in Russia and the world in 2021, Sostav told the company’s press service. In our country, the video with a dog painting a picture with paints is in the lead. In second place is a video with unusual hair coloring. Closes the top three of the leaders of the video with the ideas of the game in a large company. The video with a dancing man has become the most popular in the world.

Popular videos in Russia:

  1. @hoootdogs – drawing workshop from man’s best friends;
  2. @toridar_hair – unusual hair coloring;
  3. @ bip.house – idea for fun with friends;
  4. @ilyalibin – not everyone can guess under which glass the orange ball is hidden;
  5. @ homm9k – there is nothing better than natural beauty;
  6. @the_object – beautiful macro photography;
  7. @wicked_harley – a girl with a faithful friend demonstrates the skill of parking in a Zhiguli;
  8. @lera_danya – life hack how to get your husband to clean the kitchen;
  9. @annaolala – the same cat Stepan, phlegmatically sitting at the table;
  10. @ katy.vine – sometimes one glance is enough to stop.

Popular videos in the world:

  1. @totouchanemu – you can’t stop watching this dance;
  2. @nathanevanss – a mesmerizing interpretation of a folk fishing song;
  3. @youneszarou – A “delicious” approach to photography;
  4. @cunhalucass – the most common trip to the aquarium;
  5. @azyx – changing the avatar turned out to be not so easy.

TikTok also noted bloggers who became the “breakthrough of the year” in Russia. Among them are the couple Robert Gerber and Maria Falaleeva, filming sketches about the relationship, the musician Gleb Kostromin, who was liked by the users not only for his songs, but also for his self-irony, the “TikTok house” is one of the fastest growing TikTok houses not only in the entire Russian-speaking segment, but and in the world.

The creators who took off in TikTok in Russia in 2021:

  1. @thegerbers_ – from funny and cute sketches about relationships to collaborating with a major music label;
  2. @kostromins – Gleb Kostromin conquered not only with his songs, but also with his ability to laugh at himself;
  3. @ the.yolohouse – TikTok-house;
  4. @ sherl0ck_221b – From a stage actor to one of the leading gaming authors on TikTok;
  5. @nfedkoo – Talented parodies of typical movie plots.

Bloggers included in the “Breakthrough of the Year” nomination in the world:

  1. @ khaby.lame – Xabi Lame, a blogger from Italy, who ironically evaluates useless life hacks from the Internet using facial expressions;
  2. @abbyroberts – amazing transformations of Englishwoman Abby Roberts in 15 seconds;
  3. @BTS_official_bighit – K-Pop group;
  4. @thedutchgoalkeeper – Dutch soccer goalkeeper shares sports footage;
  5. @angryreactions – American Oneya D’Amelio with an expressive presentation and formidable facial expressions.

Users most often used tracks of five artists in their videos:

  • “My head with a screw” – kostromins;
  • “Ulyala” – Gerber;
  • “The installment” – Confusion;
  • «Wake Up!» — Cheese People;
  • Blue Lamborghini – Rakhim.

Earlier it became known that the popular in TikTok musical based on the TV series “Bridgertons” was nominated for an international music award “Grammy”. The plot of the show on Netflix became the basis of the songs written by the blogger with the nickname @abigailbarlowww – her videos on the social network went viral, and an album was compiled from the recordings, for which the authors can receive an award.

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