Tig Notaro, who is very hot and awesome on monitor, would be the perfect host for the Oscars and the introduction for January 14, 2022

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2022 is two months old and currently accomplishing extra. There are celebrity partners breaking up, movie star partners obtaining married, there are celebrity partners who are Julia Fox and Ye (much more on that later on), the royal relatives is one action nearer to having Prince Andrew to the sunlight ( or at minimum out of general public life). But I don’t want to converse about all this. I want to go again to the matter of the visitor of the 2022 Oscars, simply because I Have an understanding of, Guys. I got that. I located the Great Oscars host, and no, it can be not Pete Davidson. Nor is it, in some way incredibly, a pack of rapacious wolves, a host I have longed for at least considering that 2019. No, the best Oscars host is …

Tig Notaro.

Believe about it. It grew in acceptance in the 2010s, merging into its very own (shorter-lived) Tv clearly show, A Mississippiand a recurring position on Discovery of Star Trek, and experienced one particular of the best and funniest viral moments of 2021 with her function in The military of the useless when “Hot Tig” took around the Net. In case you need to have a reminder, Tig Notaro is Pretty Sizzling And Amazing on the display screen:

Collectively with his spouse, Stephanie Allyne, he co-directed a new movie, I am good?, with Dakota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno, which premieres at Sundance this thirty day period, so this spring will be clean off the initially major film festival of the yr, probably with some awards of its individual for 2023. It also has a litany of sector close friends, including Ellen DeGeneres, who is now in conflict, but is also one of the most popular Oscar hosts of the previous two many years. And she is a stand-up comedian, properly applied to dwell performances and talking in front of the public. At this level, Tig can display up in his snooze.

And maybe it would! THIS is why Tig Notaro should host the Oscars: it truly is a wild card. Positive, he is more down-paced than, say, a Pete Davidson guy. But that is what will make it so pleasurable! The Oscars are an crucial, glamorous and stunning night, and right here arrives Tig Notaro, renowned for its complete refusal to be sucked into Hollywood glamor of any kind. He has innumerable standing routines on the “get together items” he does at major, glamorous Hollywood events for exciting, normally at the price and bewilderment of the quite famous individuals he is among. Visualize the get-togethers he could have at the Oscars! He is also operate a mock Humorous or Die chat system centered on how tiny Tig appreciates about present-day famous people. I want a complete opening monologue which is just Tig striving to figure out who all the people in the front row at the Oscars are.


Tig Notaro is the great host of the Oscars, since on paper there are numerous good reasons why it genuinely makes feeling, but irrespective of her serene demeanor and sweet mood, she is unpredictable. It is really just the variety of conceptual comedy I want to see tackling the Oscars concert, mainly because I do not imagine there’s any discounts on ratings, nor do I assume host alternative will attractiveness to TikTok teens, except host selection isn’t. just remaining the subject wildly, then the still left field the host gets to be an event in and of itself. Pete Davidson is a stunning particular person only if you are outraged by tattoos and weed smoke, in each and every respect, he is an establishment superstar ideal now. But Tig Notaro constructed his dwelling in the still left area, he’s proudly out of the loop, but however operates in the marketplace in a way that he says he is aware of how to maneuver and play, even if he refuses to be amazed by it. Imagine “is he right here or not?” a minimal with Billie Eilish to existing the Bond track, or think about the Oscars equivalent of Taylor Dayne’s tale. This is the precise level of chaos the Oscars require. Permit on your own be hosted by Tig Notaro.

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