Tierschutzbund expects a wave of sales of exotic animals

Not only pet food or vet visits are becoming more expensive. High energy costs can also arise. The Animal Welfare Association fears that some people will no longer be able to afford to keep them.

In view of the increased prices, the German Animal Welfare Association fears a new wave of pet sales and the end of many animal shelters. (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa)

Berlin – The German Animal Welfare Association fears a new wave of pet sales and the end of many animal shelters in view of the increased prices. “It can be assumed that more people will give up their animals when the cost of living, the energy costs, the costs for animal feed and veterinarians increase so enormously,” said Hester Pommerening of the Animal Welfare Association.

She expects more taxes, especially for exotic animals such as reptiles. Keeping them is particularly expensive. “In order to be able to simulate the climatic requirements for keeping such animal species, a wide variety of technical aids are required,” said Pommerening. This requires a high to very high energy demand, for example for UV light.

Animal shelters are reaching their limits

“Of course, as an animal rights activist, you don’t want to reject any animal. Unfortunately, animal shelters are also reaching their limits. You can’t stack the animals.” The spokeswoman pointed out that they would have to be housed and cared for in a species-appropriate manner. For example, not all facilities have terrariums and human capacity for reptiles.

The situation in animal shelters is already tense overall, many have already imposed admission freezes for various groups of animals. The Animal Welfare Association did not have any figures. Animal shelters had recently complained that pets bought during the corona pandemic were being returned. “There were waiting lists for people who want to give up their animal,” said Pommerening.

Rescue package for animal shelters

She fears that the situation could deteriorate further in the coming months. “It is to be feared that many animal shelters will not survive the winter. The federal, state and local governments must help together.” The expert demanded that a rescue package be put together in the short term. “Although the animal shelters take on services on behalf of the public sector, such as the care of found animals or confiscated animals, those responsible for politics have let them down for decades.”

Pommerening complained that the legislature had failed to better protect animals and thus relieve animal shelters – with clear rules for breeding, keeping and trading, a ban on online trading and a certificate of competence for keeping exotic animals.

According to the German Animal Welfare Association, more than 740 animal welfare associations with around 550 animal shelters are affiliated. According to an initial estimate by the Federal Statistical Office, the annual rate of inflation jumped to 10.0 percent in September, the highest level for around 70 years.

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