Tickets Total presents the complete list of concert tickets in Murcia

Now that the cultural and musical agenda of the Spanish scene after the restrictions taken by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a good opportunity to purchase Murcia concert tickets.

This province offers a wide variety of concert options and shows by great artists to enjoy with friends or family. Total Tickets is the website that has a full billboard to book tickets quickly and guaranteed.

All the information about the plays and concerts in Murcia

With a dynamic page, Total Tickets offers a quick solution to buying last minute for an event. It is a service of Ticketing online which focuses on the sale of tickets for the events that are scheduled in Murcia. It is an informative site about the schedule of activities for the coming months.

Thanks to a friendly and fast interface, those interested can keep up to date with the province’s agenda in less than a minute. On the web there are activities of all kinds for all ages. Concerts like Siempre Camilo, Mecanomanía or Los Vivancos; Musicals such as El Día de los Muertos and works such as La Saga de los Vividores are some of them.

The Total Tickets website is an excellent source of information to find out what concerts and plays have taken place in Murcia in the last year. But even more important is to have the agenda with all the artistic, musical and theatrical activities that are about to be released.

The latest news

For these last weeks of the year, Total Tickets already has tickets for the activities that will take place in Murcia. Among them, stands out the musical The Sabineros. They are two interpreters (Flaco Rodríguez and Mario Ojeda) who walk through the entire repertoire of the singer Joaquin Sabina and they offer their particular vision of the artist’s work. And for lovers of tradition, Total Tickets has tickets for the concert of the group Santa Cecilia in honor of its patron.

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Another event that has generated a lot of expectation is the musical Memory Tours 77-80 in tribute to the mythical Swedish group ABBA. Through The Troupers, a band of musicians with a long history, people will be able to relive the greatest hits of the quartet.

Special mention deserves the overproduction Ship to Venus – Mecano The Musical, scheduled for this December 11 at the Archena Teatro Villa. A talented group of actors, singers and dancers relives the greatest successes of the important Spanish pop group of the last decades. The theaters and festivals will also have a lot of activity in the coming weeks and for all those activities, Total Tickets has tickets.


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