Tickets for “Mozart. Requiem “in Annenkirche – concerts in St. Petersburg on Yandex.Afish

The famous “Requiem” by V.A. Mozart will sound in the gloom of the old Annenkirche among the walls scorched by fire, where live multimedia decorations will be projected above the stage against a huge background of a burnt canvas to match the music. You will be fully immersed in what is happening. Shrouded in secrets and mysteries, the grandiose creation of the musical genius is one of the most famous and often performed in the world. “Requiem” completes the career of Mozart, being the last work of the composer. This alone makes him perceive his music in a completely special way, as an epilogue to his entire life, an artistic testament. Soloists of leading opera houses, a choir and a symphony orchestra under the direction of conductor Igor Novitsky will present a musical masterpiece within the walls of the once burnt down Lutheran church, the entourage of which and the projection of immersive painting will make everyone feel a mysterious work. So, the atmosphere of the mysterious Annenkirche, the revived scenery and the last unfinished work of Mozart … Chorus and Symphony Orchestra of the Youth Opera House; Conductor – Igor Novitsky; Choirmaster – Vikenty Netsvetaev; Hood. head – Ilya Takuntsev. Artist – Daria Kotyukh; Video director – Dmitry Ermolin.

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