“Ticket please” but the dog in the train bites her in the thigh: 25-year-old girl in the hospital

ANCONA – The cane bites her thigh 25 years old ends up in the emergency room of the regional hospital Turrets. The fact happened last night not in a public park nor in an area reserved for dogs but inside a train passing through the Ancona station.

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A 25-year-old railway employee who at the time of the events was busy checking the tickets of travelers sitting in their seats ended up in the hospital. According to an initial reconstruction, the woman approached the owner of the dog to ask for a travel document, but at that precise moment the animal a medium-sized half-breed without a muzzle threw himself at the woman, biting her in the thigh. The fabric of her trousers saved the 25-year-old resident in Lombardy, but despite this the dog who was traveling without a muzzle managed to cause a skin injury to the woman. Once arrived in Ancona, the intervention of 112 was requested with the operations center of 118 which sent a vehicle of the Yellow Cross of Ancona. The woman for the treatment of the case was taken to the emergency room of Torrette.

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