Ticket offices in Novosibirsk are not ready to refund money for tickets for the rescheduled concert of Max Korzh

Photo from the official community “Max Korzh” in the social network “VKontakte”

Max Korzh promised fans a refund for tickets for the concert, postponed to 2022 in Novosibirsk, but the operators were not ready to pay the buyers.

Fans of Max Korzh are outraged. For the second year in a row, the concert of your favorite artist has been postponed in Novosibirsk. The rapper was originally scheduled to perform on June 27, 2020. Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the city associated with the threat of the spread of coronavirus, it was decided to postpone the concert until June 26, 2021. The day before, on his Instagram page, the artist announced that the performance would not take place again on the scheduled day. Representatives of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor banned the organizers from placing spectators in the dance zone, ordering to provide fans with seating «respecting social distance».

«At the moment, we have no idea how to hold our concert in this format. Therefore, a difficult decision was made for us – to postpone the concert for the next year.», – wrote Korzh.

The new concert date is July 9, 2022. The artist stressed that all purchased tickets remain valid, and if some of the fans are not ready to wait, then they need to contact the ticket operator, and «money for the ticket will be returned».

«I intend to return the tickets. Nobody knows what will happen in a year. So concerts can be endlessly postponed.», – said the resident of Novosibirsk Nikita Terentyev to Sib.fm.

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The young man bought tickets this spring. I planned to go to the concert in a company of three people. He says that tickets to the dance floor cost about 3 thousand rubles per person. Now almost 10 thousand, he said, «hung in the air».

«It all depends on how the operators will return the money. If this procedure is painless and goes without any problems: for example, I came, passed within a week and received money – then approx. If not, then it’s very sad», – said the young man.

In social networks «In contact with» in the official group of Max Korzh, fans are outraged: many planned to come to the artist’s concert in Novosibirsk from other cities. People suffer financial losses that can no longer be replenished.

«Super, bought plane tickets. Just minus 17k (17 thousand rubles – editor’s note)», – wrote the user Denis Kasyanov (spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter preserved – ed.).

«Hello. We bought tickets and booked a hotel», – Lyudmila Andreeva is indignant.

photo Ticket offices in Novosibirsk are not ready to return money for tickets for the rescheduled concert of Max Korzh 3

Post on the website kassyr.ru

Despite Korzh’s promise to refund money for tickets, ticket offices in Novosibirsk were not ready for this today. The robot answers the phone number indicated on the kassyr.ru website.

«Please note that tickets for the postponed events are valid for new dates and, based on the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 830, are non-refundable. For all questions, please contact us by e-mail. Health to you and your loved ones», Says a voice in the receiver.

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The ticket operator kassy.ru told the Sib.fm journalist that those wishing to return money for electronic tickets for the rescheduled concert must write a statement and send it to e-mail. The decision to return is made individually in each case within 10 days. There is no guarantee that the viewers will get their money back.

«There is no exact information on the return yet, the organizer has not provided. In the near future, the organizer will provide information, and they will indicate it to you in a letter», – the operator emphasized.

It is noteworthy that, upon a second call, a kassy.ru representative said that there had not yet been official information about the transfer of Max Korzh’s concert in Novosibirsk, so no decisions had yet been made on refunds for tickets.


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