Tichanowskaja wants to guarantee Lukashenko impunity


Svetlana Tichanowskaya in September in Warsaw
Image: AFP

If the Belarusian president leaves office in a “humane way”, there will be a chance, says the opposition. The population will not accept Lukashenka’s inauguration.

Dhe Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tichanovskaya wants to guarantee the controversial head of state Aleksandr Lukashenka impunity if he resigns. “Of course, if he walks peacefully, in a human way, then there is this chance,” said the 38-year-old opposition member in an interview published on Wednesday on the Ukrainian website lb.ua. The day before, the opposition had informed about preparations for a lawsuit by foreign lawyers before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. Police violence against peaceful citizens must come to justice, it said.

Tichanovskaya also sees the strike movement in Belarus unbroken. There are no more open strikes because of the strong intimidation. Still, many workers would work more slowly. According to the former presidential candidate, the Belarusians will not accept the introduction of Lukashenka for his sixth term. According to the electoral commission in Minsk, this must be completed by October 9.

After the controversial presidential election on August 9, Lukashenka was declared the winner with 80.1 percent. Since then, there have been daily protests against the 66-year-old president in the country between Russia and EU member Poland. The opposition sees Tichanovskaya as the true winner of the election. Under pressure from the power apparatus in Minsk, she went into exile in the neighboring EU country of Lithuania. The EU did not recognize the election results in Belarus. The Ukrainian parliament also passed a resolution on Tuesday in which it criticized the vote as not fair and not free and called for dialogue.


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