Thunderstorms: lightning strikes at the back of a house in Ans

Around 6 p.m. this Sunday, when thunderstorms had broken out over the country, the firefighters of Liège were called to intervene on rue d’Othée in Ans. A fire had just been reported at the back of a house. And it would seem that the weather conditions are not foreign …

Indeed, it seems that lightning fell on the rear part of the building, acting as a hangar. Very quickly, the building caught fire. Thick black smoke rose into the air as violent flames ravaged the scene when firefighters arrived.

The motorcycle hanging next to the house on the street indicates that this is where the headquarters of the Bat-Riders are located, “a non-profit bikers association active in the municipality which carries out philanthropic-type activities“, underlines the mayor of Ans, Grégory Philippin, who went there.

The occupant of the premises is the president of the ASBL Bat-Riders. Beyond the hangar, a mobile home which was next to the house was damaged, as was part of the house. The damage was therefore significant but no injuries were to be deplored.

In addition, due to the heavy rains, roads and cellars were flooded in various places, in particular on the side of Awans or Modave, but the firefighters were obviously not heavily used.

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