Thundered at superstar after monster crash:


The Formula 1 round in Tuscany on Sunday was unusually dramatic.

First, two of the sport’s big stars smoked out already in the first round: Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and winner from Monza GP, Pierre Gasly (Alpha-Tauri), out of the race after minor collisions.

Haas’ Romain Grosjean of Switzerland (L), Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo of Australia (C), Mercedez’s Valtteri Bottas of Finland (R) attend to a press conference at the Interlagos racetrack in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 14, 2019, ahead of the upcoming Formula One Brazilian Grand Prix on November 17. (Photo by NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP) Foto: Nelson Almeida

But it was what happened after the safety car had been on the track that really set minds on fire.

When the race was to be started again, it ended with a chain collision where five more drivers escaped.

Romain Grosjean (Haas) escaped with an emergency call, but he was not late to share the blame after the huge bang. He put it mainly on the shoulders of the man who lay first: Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas.

– It was damn idiotic of the one who was first. Will they kill us, or what? It’s the worst I’ve ever seen, Romain Grosjean shouted on the team radio after the huge bang.

Exploited the rules

The rules are such that after the safety car has left the track, you can not drive past until you cross the starting line.

The reason for the rage is that Bottas took his time, zigzagged to warm up the tires and did not accelerate until he approached the line.

At the back of the field, the positioning took place and some got too excited about the porridge. When one then accelerated a little too much, they were tricked in the back of the field to step on the pedal as well, since they do not have an overview of what is happening at the very front.

There were sudden braking, evasive maneuvers and the accordion effect in the field led to someone not having time to stop in time. Thus the giant bang.

– We already drove what we had. We saw that it was green, but then suddenly I saw two cars stopping in front of me. It was a really dangerous maneuver from those who were first, says Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi.

– This is something you have to think about. Hopefully everyone is OK, but it can be dangerous next time it happens.

Want a ban

He is supported by Vsports Formula 1 commentator Atle Gulbrandsen:

– Here I think there will be a rule change. This must be banned. You can not allow the person in front to drive like that. It is too great a risk, says Gulbrandsen.

Giovinazzi was one of those who smoked out of the race, after he failed to avoid Danish Kevin Magnussen (Haas). Together with Carlos Sainz and Nicolas Latifi, Magnussen had to break.

It was extra consuming for the Dane who had gotten off to a good start in the race, after avoiding the riots at the start.

– Yes, annoying. That was the last thing we needed, says Magnussen in an interview shown on V Sport 1.

– Bottas has probably tried to keep the speed down all the way to the starting line. He keeps the speed completely down to minimize traction, so that he can avoid being overtaken. Then there are some who drive too early, and then they push behind him. When the Williams car then stops, I have to drive out to the side. Then I’m crashed.

The reason for Bottas’ choice to run zig-zag for as long as possible was seen when the race started again.

He was almost immediately overtaken by teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton won the race ahead of Bottas, while Red Bulls Alexander Albon got his first place on the podium.

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