“Through the thorns to …” Marcus leaves and returns to Ina

Along with the participants entering the Rococo characters, fitting chic ancient costumes, a spicy lecture on sexuality and an emotional conversation with Marek Odumins – one of the few artists in the world who paints with his mouth – there was another voting and also a pleasant reunion.

Last week, the participants were faced with a challenging choice – to send one of the existing ones home, or to take back a colleague who had already been voted back. Everyone decided in favor of the addition to the team, and although the versions of exactly who would join “Through the Thorns to …” were different, in this series it was revealed that Ina – a 44-year-old Talsi woman who had suffered sexual violence, is returning to the project. wants to overcome severe psychological trauma and be a full – fledged mother to her four daughters.

Ina’s return caused some of the participants genuine joy – not only about the pleasant meeting, but also the excitement that the relatively quiet colleague is not a competitor on the way to victory.

However, according to the rules, again this time the performance of the participants continued to be evaluated by both the experts and the participants themselves and despite the exclusive opportunity to abstain last week, at the end of this series one of the “Thorns” had to go home and apply the lessons learned during the project. forces. Although Laura’s name was most often mentioned in the internal vote, because according to her colleagues she has already achieved enough and playing a double game in the project, the experts and participants decided otherwise – Līga, who wants to be called a man – went home – Markus. She had come to “Thorns” because she longed to find her “I”, reduce the manifestations of aggression and get rid of the influence of her mother – an alcoholic.

Jānis Bukums, the leader of “Through Thorns to …”, increased Marcus’ diligence and determination to participate in all project activities, without thinking about what it would look like from the sidelines or what others would think. Marcus himself, on the other hand, parted from his project colleagues with good wishes, saying that he would keep his fingers crossed for everyone and urged him to fight for his teeth with bitten teeth.

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