Three young Molenbeekois save the lives of six people in a fire in Elsene: “We did not hesitate for a single second” (VIDEO)

The scars of the fire that occurred overnight from Saturday to Sunday in a house on Avenue de l’Hippodrome, in Ixelles, are still clearly visible. On site, we find Younes, 30, who, with the help of his two friends Imad and Younes, intervened before the arrival of the firefighters to evacuate the six occupants of the building, including a toddler. .

Younes reconsiders this act of bravery which saved lives, and also pushes a rant about the behavior of people present who filmed the fire without worrying about the health of the inhabitants.

I was driving from Bois de la Cambre towards Place Flagey when we saw what we thought was a bonfire. Out of curiosity, we stopped. It was actually a house fire“, recalls Younes, from Molenbeek.

“As I got out of the car, I learned that people were still inside. We called the fire department. Without thinking for a second, I kicked down the door and entered. I took care of the three inhabitants. from the ground floor, a couple with a baby, and my two friends went upstairs to evacuate the inhabitants “, he continues.

All the occupants of the house were asleep at the time. So they didn’t realize there was a fire. Younes then shouted down the stairwell to alert everyone. “What surprised me the most was how quickly the fire spread. It was crazy ! The smoke was terrible, we could hardly see anything and the heat was unbearable. I couldn’t breathe for even a second. I was freediving so I made several round trips. On my second round trip, I took off my T-shirt to protect my nose and mouth. The firefighters arrived after ten long minutes and took over“, he explains.”We also stopped the cars to take the fire extinguishers and try to limit the spread of the flames. “

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On the other hand, he deplores the behavior of the people present on the scene who filmed instead of lending a hand. “People only thought of making the buzz without worrying about the health of the occupants. They don’t even think about pressing the doorbell to wake the occupants, it’s irresponsible “, he concludes.

“The federal laboratory descended on the scene and from the first elements collected, it would seem that the fire was of a criminal nature, which the current investigation will confirm or not”, explains the prosecution.

Thanks to the heroism of the individuals whom we wish to salute, the damage following the fire is purely material, namely the facade and the stairs of the building are damaged, the family’s accommodation on the ground floor. floor is currently unoccupied and the car parked at the address of one of the residents of the floors is also damaged following the strong emanation of heat and the implosion of the windows on the ground floor“, concludes the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone.

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