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Three winners concert

Through the Chopin International Competition and the Pitina Special Grade, the habit of watching the competition has become widespread.

The bloody performance at the competition is certainly moving. On the other hand, the selection and performance of songs at concerts by the same pianist may also be of concern.

In response to the increase in the number of people listening to piano performances through YouTube, etc., we will increase the number of prizewinners’ commemorative concerts to three types from this year.

As usual, at Hakuju Hall in February, the Grand Muse section, A1 grade to special grade and duet will be in March, Daiichi Seimei Hall. And we will have a new concert of special-grade finalists at Suntory Hall’s Blue Rose in February.

All performances can be watched live on YouTube or archived. Although we emphasize online, the live music experience is different. If you want to feel the sound in the hall, please buy a ticket.

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