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Beijing time:2023-02-07 12:20

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time, February 07, 2023]In order to commemorate the Hollywood mountain lion P-22, thousands of fans came to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles last Saturday (4th) to recall the puma’s contribution to urban wildlife protection contribution. Let’s see together.

When it comes to the iconic animal of Hollywood in Los Angeles, most people will remember this puma named P-22.

Due to the destruction of its habitat, it migrated from the Santa Monica Mountains to Griffith Park many years ago across the two busy highways 405 and 101 in Los Angeles, where it made its home.

Patricia Casado, Los Angeles resident: “Everyone loves it because it’s like the unique American, a very brave, person, creature or human being who can do something extraordinary. You love it because deep down you also Hopefully, you will have the courage to cross those two highways.”

Many tribal residents also love P-22 very much, and they see their own shadow in the mountain lion.

Alan Salazar, member of the Indian tribe: “Our land has been dispossessed. Urbanization, highways, buildings have affected our lives. We have lost a lot. So there is a strong emotion between the tribal people and P-22 connect.”

In December, P-22 was euthanized due to serious health problems caused by a suspected car accident. Its death sparked debate on wildlife conservation across the globe.

Beth Pratt, executive director of the National Wildlife Federation in California: “Our commemoration is for the Los Angeles community and for the world to remember P-22 together.” A different way of looking at the problem of how to coexist with feral neighbors.”

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In the face of habitat destruction, wild animals are forced to cross the main road, which also increases the number of traffic accidents. For this purpose, Los Angeles will build a wildlife overpass to maintain the traffic safety of these animals.

Comprehensive report by NTDTV’s Los Angeles reporter station

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