Warning ! It is the return of the Supersonic, of the famous jazz viking, Thomas de Pourquery, chief admiral of this vessel. Saxophonist and singer, he brilliantly pilots this dream team of bright jazzmen.

Album of the year at the Victoires du jazz 2014, Artist of the year in 2017, the exciting Supersonic by Thomas de Pourquery, figurehead of a new jazz energy in France, has been able to approach and mix multiple aesthetics. In the background, always: a deep pulse from great black music. We will of course quote Sun Ra or the Art Ensemble of Chicago. The singer saxophonist and his accomplices exploded with the album Play Sun Ra, updated repertoire, packed with fuzz and electronics. At the head of a perfectly disordered Supersonic, the violist invites us to a sort of liberating high mass, a splendid ballet of comets and unbridled impulses, a source of great joy, surrounded by his faithful acolytes.

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