This will be the reactivation of stadiums, schools and concerts from June

Drafting. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced that as of Tuesday, June 1, the opening of the entire economy in the country will begin.

This new reactivation includes stadiums, schools and concerts, these spaces will function with a specific capacity.

The health authorities expect that the members of the third stage of vaccination will be immunized by the end of June, Therefore, it is possible to project a reactivation and reopening of the country without leaving out the cultural and social sector, among others.

“With this reality and a growing vaccination, we can make a decision, which seems a bit striking, which is to generate a large opening in the country “, highlighted the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz Gomez.

The high official stressed that by the end of June the peak of infections will have already fallen and with this come better conditions given by vaccination.

The Government’s objective is to start with educational centers and a 100% reactivation under the alternation model at the primary, secondary, kindergarten and university levels. By July 15, all teachers are expected to be vaccinated.

In the case of concerts and the sports sector, the minister explained that on June 1, they could have a 25 percent capacity allowed. At the end of the month, 50 percent capacity will be guaranteed in these spaces, while 100 percent will be enabled in theaters.

The Minister of Health He emphasized that what will come to the country in the coming months will always depend on how the virus and immunization move.

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