This way you get rid of cellulite and stretch marks quickly

The main causes that are to blame for the appearance of cellulite, but also stretch marks are related to diet and sedentary lifestyle, but also to genetic predisposition. There are many famous methods that remove even older stretch marks, including body treatments such as dermal abrasion, chemical peels or laser interventions.

You can also try less painful remedies, for example, anti-cellulite and anti-stretch marks massages, but also other measures and tricks meant to solve these thorny problems that women face.

1. Establish a diet rich in foods that contain zinc (fish), vitamins A and C (found in carrots, citrus fruits and milk), and protein, such as eggs. Don’t forget to consume at least two liters of water! Intense hydration helps maintain skin elasticity and prevent other stretch marks.

2. Try to have an active lifestyle. Walk a lot or exercise for at least 15 minutes a day.

3. Use special lotions or creams designed to “erase” stretch marks on the skin. Regardless of the brand, they have similar substances that act directly on the white lines that appear after the forced stretching of the skin.

Discover on how to quickly eliminate cellulite and stretch marks.

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