This is why your dog stares at you when he poops

All those people who have animals at home know them so well that they know perfectly well when they feel like going outside, playing or eating. Our pets are always with us through thick and thin, never leaving us behind.

Have you ever been in the bathroom and your dog has accompanied you? And if we talk about the reverse situation,how many times have you been walking your dog and while he was pooping he was staring at you probably with a sad face?

What is the reason why your dog looks at you when he poops?

Surely you have ever wondered what the reason for this gesture is. Perhaps he does it out of shame? Why is he afraid that you will leave him at that moment? Is it his concentration face? Some veterinarians like Kathryn Primm They maintain that the key is that when they are in that intimate moment they feel defenseless: “To survive, dogs must be aware of the risk. Defecation is one of the moments in the life of an animal in which it feels most vulnerable. You must adopt a posture to perform the task and because of this, you are not in a position to fight or flee easily..

These animals have the intelligence of a 2-year-old child and they know that at the moment they have to defecate they are very vulnerable, since it would not be an easy task to be completely still, crouch, maintain balance and face an attack or have to flee from a danger.

Why is he looking at you? the answer is simple. In that moment of vulnerability, he trusts his owner to take care of him and protect him, since on the contrary he would do it too. This body language is very important, both to understand the posture of the dog and to understand the posture of the “master”.

It’s important to stay calm

When your dog is doing the business and looks at you, be calm. It is his most intimate moment and you should not make sudden movements that make him lose concentration. He must also be able to be calm at the time.


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