This is what María Celeste does after her dismissal from Telemundo


The journalist and former presenter of program “Al Rojo Vivo” of Telemundo, María Celeste Arrarás, shared in Instagram What does she do after she was fired from the Spanish-language network she worked for for many years.

Maria Celeste Arrarás, thus bragged on social networks that he already has a “new job” on his Instagram account.

“Many of you ask me, what am I doing after my departure from Telemundo?” He said through Instagram.

“I tell them that the hours of the day do not give me for so many things that I am trying to do to keep myself busy and to do things that I could not do because I was busy with my old job that was letting them accumulate,” she added.

“What is most filling my time at this time is my dedication to the launch of my son Adrián as a singer on September 25, it is the day that all his music will be available to all of you, I am made a ‘mom manager'” he continued.

“I am enjoying it incredibly, I am learning a lot from the music industry, all for him, all because he has a successful release, I believe that he has the talent, the passion, the dedication,” said the professional.

“This is something that I did not recommend to him, on the contrary I at one point I said to him ‘try not to launch yourself in this race in which it is so competitive and in which there are millions of boys around the world trying to become famous singers who don’t make it, it’s uphill, ‘”she said of her son’s career.

María Celeste is an excellent professional who knows what she’s talking about, she has interviewed countless personalities from both entertainment and politics and has even won three Emmy Awards. She is also the author of several books, including “Selena’s Secret”, which eventually inspired a television series.


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